Transposed clarinet parts from orchestral pieces. C Clarinet to B flat Clarinet. A Clarinet to B flat Clarinet.

   As a clarinetist, once you begin to play in orchestras all of a sudden you begin to realise that one clarinet just isn't enough! Professional clarinet players do not only have one clarinet but sometimes 4 or more, each being a slightly different size allowing the player to reach new notes and also offer a more friendly key signature to play.


   Historically the clarinet was a very difficult instrument to master especially playing key signatures with numerous sharps or flats. The 'A clarinet' was able to lower the amount of sharps or flats in a number of keys and give the player some relief. However, the modern day key-work on the clarinet is far superior than the old designs and therefore the keys with sharps or flats are not quite as challenging.


   The orchestral parts, specifically written for 'clarinet in A' or 'clarinet in C' continue to be used today and this requires the player to either invest in another or transpose the notes into the correct key for the B flat clarinet. So if you opt for the second option you are calculating the notes and playing in a complex key - this can be a recipe for disaster.


   So to help I am slowly transposing certain orchestral parts using a professional music computer program. These parts are available to be downloaded in the Online Shop for a small fee.


 List of transposed parts available as a pdf sheet music download

Composer  Title Parts Original KeyNew Key
BeethovenChoral Fantasy, Op.80 C1/C2C/A Bb 
BeethovenPiano Concerto No 4, Op.58C1/C2 Bb 
BeethovenTriple Concerto, Op.56 C1/C2CBb 
BerliozSymphony Fantastique (Movements 4 & 5)C2 Bb 
BrahmsSymphony 4 (Movement 3) C1/C2CBb 
ChopinPiano Concerto No. 1, Op.11 C1/C2C/ABb 
DvorakSymphonic Variations, Op.78 C1/C2C/BbBb
ElgarPomp and Circumstance, March 1 C1/C2/BCBb 
Haydn Paukenmesse C2 Bb 
Mahler Symphony 1 (Movement 4) C1/C2/BCCBb 
MendelssohnHebrides Overture, Op.26 C1/C2 Bb 
RossiniBarber of Seville Overture C1 C/A 
Schumann Piano Concerto, Op.54C1/C2 ABb 
Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite, Op.71a C1/C2 A/Bb Bb 

 All parts can be downloaded instantly from the online shop



Please let me know if you have any requests for my next transposition via an email.

If you would like to commission a transposition please get in touch via email. I will assess each commission on a case by case basis (minimum order of £10).